Abdalatti Abuassi

Founder & CEO of Al Mayar, Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist

Known as Atti Assi

Effective & Accountable high-profile

Overcome complex business challenges and make high stakes decisions using experienced-backed
judgement, with strong work ethics and irreproachable integrity.

Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist

Dynamic take charge agent offering striking success propelling entrepreneurial startups and turning over
around a mid-size companies through multiple branches. Consistent record of delivering extra-ordinary
results in growth revenue, operational performance, and profitability. Heavy transaction background
including startup financing, mergers and acquisition and sale of company.

Strong orientation in operations & Finance

Lead a high-level operational initiative including infrastructure, design, process, re-engineering and
reorganization. As an innovative investor use instinct, insight, judgement, and timing to success
regardless how touch the deal.

Respect & Leverage human capital

Motivate, mentor and lead talented professionals. Live the culture and lead by example. Direct crossfunctional
teams using interactive and motivational leadership that spurs people to willingly give more
than 100% effort and loyalty.

- Primary responsible for starting up Gourmet Ville Catering Services LLC, a cloud-based kitchen concept with an enhance delivery platform coping up with changing market dynamics. This comprise of infusing social media applications with hospitality solutions to provide customers a fresh start with a new focus to drive the business forward.

- For the existing brands, Walnut Grove Restaurant & Café, Gurkan Sef Steakhouse, responsible for reengineering business processes, re-designing commercialization plan and instilled urgency for financial discipline.

- Work directly with appointed department heads and managers to delegate responsibilities and ensure that
all aspects of the company are running efficiently.

- Oversee the conduction of market research studies to determine what customers want from the company,
and then create and implement plans to provide services and products based on research findings;

- Spearheading the due diligence committee for merging and acquisition within the food industry;

- Analyzing Profit & Loss report, and working with team of professionals on how to improve the performance;

- Developed new methods of tracking expenses, controlling the company budget, and finding new ways to save money while still delivering excellent service.

- Discussed issues, resolved problems, and coordinated business activities with board members, staff members, and other company officials.