Fadi Amoudi

Founder & CEO of IQ Fulfillment, IQ Robotics and IQ Express

Fadi Amoudi, a successful entrepreneur with a track-record in founding online and offline enterprises across the Middle East, is the Founder & CEO of IQ Fulfillment, IQ Robotics and IQ Express in Dubai, UAE. Drawing from his extensive FMCG background, Fadi set his sight on transforming the supply chain capabilities in the MENA region, and contributing to the exponential growth of the E-Commerce sector by addressing its main hurdle; fulfillment.

The IQ trio of businesses aim to be the first in the region to offer and leverage the latest logistics
technologies powered by Robotics and AI to offer cutting-edge customized solutions at a cost-
efficient level. Fadi’s expertise in supply chain management within the region, along with a
talented team of international professionals, uniquely position the IQ group to create unique and
exceptional value to all the E-Commerce players, regardless of their scale.

E-commerce in the region has been annually growing ahead of the global average, and to
anticipate this growth, the IQ group will be spearheading the supply chain industry with the
latest technology and expertise available.

Fadi obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The American University
of Beirut.