Khaled Ghorab

The Relationships Architect

Khaled Ghorab, going by the title of The Relationships Architect, helps SME's design the relationships they need, turn them into results, and grow the business. Certified as a Gender Intelligent Business Coach and an Asentiv Relationships Strategist, Khaled has helped companies grow in down and up markets. His most recent client success is them saving $7.4 Million in losses by turning around their partnerships. His clients range from brands, advertising agencies, property firms, legal firms, and consulting. Khaled's passion is in helping entrepreneurs thrive and succeed through impactful partnerships.

08:00 - 08:15 PM

Saturday 7th March

Why the market needs you most when its down?

Khaled Ghourab, Executive Business Coach

Why the market needs you most when its down?

05:10 - 06:10 PM

Thursday 5th March

Talk: Why The Market Needs You Most When Its Down?

Khaled Ghourab
Executive Business Coach