Valerie Hawley

Head of Innovation Lab Daman

The common thread of Valerie’s career has been digital innovation. Since she graduated from one of the top engineering Grandes Ecoles in France, her passion has always been about building the future. First Valerie headed the Optical Laboratory of a large automotive
Tier I supplier. She, then went onto consultancy with KPMG for over 7 years to share best practices, and prepare large groups for the future, working on M&A, business transformation and adaptation to regulatory changes amongst other strategic topics.

When Valerie first came to the Middle East in 2006, her strong belief was that this region will have no future without strict environmental management. The region urgently needed to embrace sustainable development and she set up two businesses in that field. First an environmental consultancy for existing buildings to upgrade to new environmental standards and then a concept store which collated sustainable products and solutions for the construction industry and beyond, available in the region. Under her leadership TheChangeInitiativeTM became the “most sustainable buildings in the world”, gaining a total
of 107 points on the LEED Green buildings Platinum ratings.

After being a grassroots entrepreneur in the Middle East, Valerie returned to study and implemented a framework based on her learning and experience on the ground. She graduated with an Executive MBA, specialized in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HEC Paris, a top business school ranked #1 by the Financial Times, and became an affiliate professor of the institution, teaching Master students in digital innovation. She was instrumental in building the HEC Start up Launchpad, which is now a key part of Station F, the world largest start up ecosystem in Paris.
Keen to return to the Middle East region, Valerie accepted the position of Head of Innovation Lab at Daman in 2017 where she designed the digital transformation of the organization.

She has set up an innovation strategy based on 3 main pillars: digital transformation, intrapreneurship program and external innovation leveraging key
stakeholders of the local and global eco systems. Furthermore, as an investor in new technologies Valerie sits on the investment committee of a global fund dedicated to blockchain.

05:00 - 05:20 PM

Thursday 5th March

Panel discussion: Why and How to digitalize your business?

Valerie Hawley
Head of Digitalization and Innovation at Daman

Transformation steps for your business engaging technology advancement